La boutique de l'office de tourisme de l'île d'Oléron et du bassin de Marennes

The shop ile d'Oléron - Marennes

You may not know it, but Ile d'Oléron Marennes Tourisme has more than 10 points of sale.

Come and choose a souvenir in our shops and take a bit of your holiday home with you! Our local producers are also highlighted to awaken your taste buds, a wide choice to discover. 

Boutique du Château d'Oléron

Finally, to extend your holiday, why not send a postcard from the island of Oleron or the Marennes basin to share your stay with your loved ones? A wide choice of exclusive postcards is available in each of our tourist offices. They are waiting for you!

Cartes postales de l'île d'Oléron et du bassin de Marennes en vente à l'office de tourisme