Horaires des marées et météo sur l'île d'Oléron et le bassin de Marennes

Tide times and beach weather

Whether you want to swim, sail or fish safely, it may be useful to consult the tide times. That is why we offer you the tide times for Marennes-Oleron. Take advantage of our weather module to plan your stay on the island of Oleron or the Marennes basin. Your holidays will be a success !

Météo des Plages sur l'île d'Oléron

Beach weather

Throughout the summer, all the lifeguards posted on the beaches of the island of Oleron provide us with information on swimming and water sports activities: water temperatures, crowds, colour of the flags, special events, etc.

For information, the lifeguards' hours of presence are from 11am to 7pm during July and August.

Access to the beach weather forecast

Horaires des marées de l'île d'Oléron et du bassin de Marennes

Tide times

Tides are natural phenomena that affect the entire Atlantic coast. There are 2 high tides and 2 low tides every 24 hours. Thus, every six hours, there is a high tide and a low tide. This variation in sea level has variable coefficients. The higher the coefficient, the more the sea withdraws at low tide and rises high. When the coefficients are very high (from 90 - 100), we speak of high tides. The maximum coefficient of high tides is 120.

See the tide table

Météo ile d'Oléron Marennes

Nicknamed "Oléron la Lumineuse", the island of Oléron benefits from a high rate of sunshine (between 2200 and 2400 hours of sunshine per year) and mild temperatures, which makes it the ideal place to walk around all year round. With a temperate climate, unrivalled sunshine, numerous landscapes and many possibilities for walking, the island of Oleron and the Marennes basin are the perfect places to recharge your batteries!