La route des huîtres et ses chenaux ostréicoles

The oyster route, an authentic and natural place with unique landscapes between channels, huts and oyster beds. Stop off at one of the many cabins to discover the world of oyster farming and taste some oysters.
La route des Huîtres
La route des Huîtres

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Between Château-d'Oléron and the port of Boyardville, follow the Route des Huîtres for 5 km along the coast.

This famous road serves several oyster-farming channels, including the Chenaux de la Brande, de la Baudissière and d'Arceau.

Apart from their extremely typical appearance, these channels are in direct communication with the sea, and are therefore subject to the action of the tides.

Their dual purpose is to evacuate fresh rainwater on the ebb tide, and to bring seawater to the salt marshes on the flood tide, where oysters are grown.

The colorful wooden huts in which the oysters are sorted are still in use today.

Along the way, you'll discover the little port of La Baudissière, where a number of oyster-farming establishments are clustered around the channel.

Some of the old shacks have been abandoned and rehabilitated into colorful artists' studios open to the public.

In the surrounding area, former salt marshes have been converted into oyster beds, where oyster farmers green their oysters.


La route des huîtres et ses chenaux ostréicoles La Baudissière17550, Dolus-d'OléronFrance



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