La balise d'Antioche

This beacon is located on the Antioche rock - just a stone's throw from the coast. Stretching over 1km in length and 700m in width, it is an offshore resurgence of the Chassiron cliffs.
Balise d'Antioche
Balise d'Antioche
Balise d'Antioche
Balise d'Antioche

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Open all days from 01/01/2024 to 31/12/2024


Extremely dangerous - as it was once invisible to ships - this spot has been the scene of numerous shipwrecks.

In heavy weather, the sea is particularly rough on this reef and in the channel that surrounds it: huge waves break over the rock, with troughs sometimes reaching 15 meters.

As early as 1550, this "bad rock" appeared in written records. Dozens of sea fortunes were recorded here. Although the site was not mentioned, it was located on a route frequented by many merchant ships. Throughout the Middle Ages, it constituted a formidable danger. The region was, in fact, the center of a very intense trade, of which wine and salt were the 2 jewels.

It wasn't until the mid-19th century that a metal beacon was planted on the rock. But it can't be seen from very far away, either at night or in the fog.

In 1913, it was decided to build a tower to house a light and sound signal that would operate in foggy conditions. As soon as the Great War was over, concrete was poured around the old beacon and, in 1925, a light was added. Too late to prevent the sinking of the Port-Caledonia, a four-masted ship flying the Finnish flag.

Gradually, the beacon has been modernized, so that it can be seen in all weathers, at night as well as during the day. It has recently been fitted with LEDs.


La balise d'Antioche Au large de Chassiron17650, Saint-Denis-d'OléronFrance



Historic patrimony
20th C


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