Eglise St Laurent

A Romanesque church with very simple forms inspired by neo-classicism, it retains only its square bell tower, covered by a slate spire, from this period.
Eglise le Gua
Intérieur Eglise Le Gua
Intérieur Eglise Le Gua
Eglise Le Gua

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The listed bell tower is the remains of a Romanesque church destroyed during the Wars of Religion. It has three levels: a first floor, with Romanesque vaults; a first level, with blind arcades; and a second level, built around the 16th century - with a parapet walk still visible today.

The parapet walk is pierced by small square openings: the English were often on the alert. Also noteworthy are 2 geminated bays topped by a cordon carved with diamond points.

A pyramidal slate spire tops the whole.

The church suffered regularly during the wars. In 1800, the decision was taken to demolish and rebuild it. The bell tower was retained, but it was moved from the transept crossing (double arches in the masonry are still visible on all four sides) to the south.

The interior, dating from the 19th century, is particularly interesting for its colorful decoration, in keeping with the spirit of the period. The stained glass windows, dating from the 19th and 20th centuries, depict the life and martyrdom of Saint Laurent. The main altar and tabernacle come from the Romanesque church in Dercie (a village in the commune).

Also noteworthy is the beautiful staircase leading up to the gallery, with its superbly crafted central core.

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Eglise St Laurent 24, Rue St Laurent17600, Le GuaFrance



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12th C


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