Jeu de piste gourmand et chasse au trésor

Gourmet treasure hunt for all ages. Wednesdays during school vacations. BOOKING REQUIRED!
Association du Site Ostréicole et Naturel de Fort-Royer

Dates & opening times

Open from 06/07/2024 to 31/08/2024 the wednesday
Open from 19/10/2024 to 03/11/2024 the wednesday


You have 2h30, watch in hand, to complete from 1 to 6 loops (your choice)!

Loop 1 Oysters and oyster farming

Loop 2 fauna and flora

Loop 3 Fort-Royer's little beasts

Loop 4 built heritage

Loop 5 New for 2022, "The lair of ROYA, the witch of the Fort-Royer marshes": a sensory tour for an unusual discovery of the coastline and the world of oyster farming. An adventure in sound, taste, touch, smell and sight.

Loop 6 New for 2022 "Treasure hunt": amid the huts, between sea and forest, set off in search of Fort-Royer's lost treasure. Points to locate, riddles to solve and clues to find to get closer to the safe. It's a well-kept secret you'll never know about, but a real souvenir you'll want to unearth!

Embark on a fun adventure that appeals to all 5 senses! Equipped with a map and a booklet including questions, memory games, riddles, rebus, sensory challenges and clues, teams find their way around the oyster farm, sometimes using their agility, sometimes their perspicacity, courage and above all sagacity, to find the answers!

The game was punctuated by 2 tastings of regional products (Fort-Royer natural oysters or fish terrines on seaweed shortbread / galette oléronaise with butter and fleur de sel caramels. Accompanied by a small glass of Oléron wine or lemonade).


Jeu de piste gourmand et chasse au trésor Site ostréicole et naturel de Fort-RoyerAllée de Fort-RoyerLa Perrotine17310, Saint-Pierre-d'Oléron



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Famille Plus
Fishing/Oyster farming
Flowers plants
Treasure hunt


From 12/02/2024 to 08/11/2024
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