Exposition cabane 8bis - Claire Giloux

Mugs, plates, platters, all hand-painted with my own figurative or geometric motifs. Shoulder bags, backpacks, sewn in fabrics that I take care to select.
créations diverses
mugs peints à la main
porte clefs cousus mains
plat et bols peints à la main

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Open all days from 09/09/2024 to 15/09/2024 as of 11:00 to 18:00


Color, characters, shapes and materials - that's how I sum up my work.

But beyond all that, it's a world of my own, where the creations have a link between them.

A fish in waxed canvas, suspended in a painted, curved wooden circle, is then used as a key-ring motif...

I'm constantly researching and discovering new techniques and materials, so I can offer a wide range of creations that remain consistent with my own imaginary world.

Each creation is handcrafted. The wooden objects I propose are made one by one; scrolled in medium, and painted.

Porcelain painting is done by hand: with a feather, with a brush using different techniques; and fired in a pro kiln at 800-850°.

And finally, sewing: I work with fabrics, coated canvas, waxed canvas and imitation leather to create key rings, mobiles, bags and pouches.

Colors and contrasts, materials, shapes and characters, details, patience and meticulousness are all part and parcel of my work.

I love discovering and immersing myself in my childlike world, telling myself stories as I paint.

Creation has the ability to take us far away from reality.

Creation and imagination go hand in hand if you want to build your own world.


Exposition cabane 8bis - Claire Giloux Cabane n°8 bisCabanes de la Baudissière17550, Dolus-d'Oléron



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