Getting around – your way

It’s by travelling on foot, by bicycle or on horseback that you’ll gain the best appreciation of the varied landscapes of this area. Those who enjoy physical and sporting activities will surely find everything they could possibly hope for on the île d'Oléron and the bassin de Marennes. Whether it’s on land, in the sea or even up in the air, there’s something for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you’re a die-hard fan or a more casual participant, anyone can explore the region and get some exercise at the same time.

Nothing beats taking your bicycle or mountain bike and setting off on the 160 kms of cycle paths on the île d'Oléron. You have a choice between pleasant rides through forests, by the beach or through marshland. The generally low-lying nature of the island makes it even more suitable for this popular pastime.

Thrill-seekers can get a bird’s eye view and a different perspective of the whole Pays Marennes-Oléron region thanks to the amazing views to be had from taking a flight in a small plane.

Those who have their feet firmly planted on the ground can put on their hiking boots and try out the numerous walking trails found in the Loopi app or our brochure ‘Sur les chemins de Marennes-Oléron’ (walking trails in Marennes-Oléron). Take a deep breath of sea air and smell the scent of the pine trees or the plants of the sand dunes. Get off the beaten track and journey through this many-facetted landscape. It’s a place where there are surprises around every corner!

If you prefer the delights of water-borne fun, we are incredibly lucky in our amazing location, with a coast facing the open ocean for all those who love boardsports and a much more sheltered eastern coast that’s ideal for sailing enthusiasts wanting a closer look at Fort Boyard.

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