Tourism and disability

This guide has been designed to help disabled people enjoy their time on the île d'Oléron and the bassin de Marennes.

Over the last few years, numerous improvements have been implemented in the local area. Now you can share in the fun of a dip in the sea thanks to equipment making beaches more accessible.. And if you prefer getting out and about in the countryside, you’ll just love our accessible trails!

‘The île d'Oléron is really a patchwork of lots of truly stunning places. One of the key advantages of the island is its relative flatness, making moving about in a wheelchair easier. There are plenty of places to visit and things to do. Most of these are fully accessible, even specifically adapted for people of reduced mobility. To help you plan your trip, I would strongly recommend you do the necessary research before arriving and contact the managers of the different places you are planning to visit. For instance, not all beaches have wooden walkways, although some do provide pontoons and tiralo beach chairs in high season. It all helps you to explore the island and at least some of its treasures.’ - The PR Insider (Blogger)

If you want to find out more about the area and try out some of its leisure activities, several tourist attractions and museums have full disabled access. Follow that up with some tempting local dishes in a top-quality restaurant (or restaurants). If that’s all been too much for you, why not relax by thinking of the wide selection of accommodation options (hotels, campsites, holiday villages, guesthouses) from which you can choose!

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