Estate agencies oleron marennes

Estate agencies

To fulfill your dreams or if you're simply looking for a property to rent, the local rental agencies are there to help you.
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Bike hire oleron marennes

Bike hire

Discove our rich and varied scenery by bike - you can hire one from one of the many specialists.
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Car hire oleron marennes

Car hire

Need a hire car or even a van?  There are several agencies throughout the territory.
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Transport and travel oleron marennes

Transport and travel

By taxi or by boat - no excuse not to come and see us in Marennes-Oléron!
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Local produce oleron marennes

Local produce

This is a wonderful place to live.  Apart from the beauty and variety of the landscapes, discover a rich area famed for its natural aromas.
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Art and crafts oleron marennes

Art and crafts

Thanks to the beauty of its scenery and the general ambiance, Marennes-Oléron has been an inspiration through the ages for artists and craftsmen and women.
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Shopping oleron marennes


Tempted by a shopping spree?  So many boutiques, clothes shops as well as souvenirs to visit.
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Department stores oleron marennes

Department stores

Our department stores and shopping centres will satisfy all your demands!
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Others shops oleron marennes

Others shops

Marennes-Oléron is also the home of businesses that deal with services and goods.
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