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SO NEURO offers you Dynamic Neurofeedback and Sophrology sessions, "Well in your head, well in your body".
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Open all days from 06/12/2022 to 31/12/2023 except on sunday


During my sessions, I offer Neuroptimal® Dynamic Neurofeedback and Sophrology.

Dynamic Neurofeedback, a 100% natural brain training, calms the mind and optimizes brain function, for greater well-being in everyday life and renewed flexibility and resilience.

Sophrology enables you to gain a better understanding of yourself and to face the challenges of everyday life with serenity.

Neurofeedback: Derived from neuroscience and at the cutting edge of technology, Dynamic Neurofeedback is a cerebral training method that enables the brain to self-regulate and reorganize itself in order to access its full potential. This method is 100% natural, non-invasive, painless and has no side effects, using a computer and sensors placed on the head.

Sophrology: Created in 1960 by a neuropsychiatrist, sophrology is inspired by yoga, hypnosis and Zen. This combination of Eastern and Western techniques enables us to gain a better understanding of ourselves, and to face the challenges of everyday life with serenity. It can be used as a therapeutic technique, for personal development or lived as a philosophy of life.

I also offer outdoor sophrology sessions: "Sophro marche nordique" (sophrology session using the nordic walking technique).

Price: 22€ (poles provided) - 1h15 session


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