Chambres à tachyons

The technology of the future is now!!! at the service of energy. "La lumineuse" tachyon chamber. By appointment.
Chambres à tachyons
Chambres à tachyons
Chambres à tachyons
Chambres à tachyons

Dates & opening times

Open all days from 01/01 to 31/12 as of 10:00 to 19:00 except on sunday (all years)


The janitors, Céline and Dimitri, are pleased to offer you a new wellness technology, for a better well-being with this room at the service of your body, to alleviate the troubles of everyday life, to regain vitality and peace of mind. We look forward to welcoming you and taking care of you.

Would you like to regain balance and/or harmony in your daily life? Do you need to free yourself from emotional or physical blockages, repeated patterns or negative emotions? Would you like to move forward with peace of mind, and define and achieve your goals more naturally?

Who are tachyon chamber sessions for? Everyone, no age limit:

- for adults, 30-minute face-to-face or remote sessions;

- for children, 15-minute in-person or remote sessions;

- for pregnant women, 30-minute sessions, except in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, 15-minute session

- to harmonize ses between 2 people (couple, parent-child, pregnant woman-baby, friends, siblings, etc.) 30-minute distance sessions only

- for animals, 15 or 30-minute sessions depending on the animal, at a distance only.

But what is a Tachyon room?

It's a room in which we've placed :

- Tachyonized crystals in strategic locations;

- a mattress installed on a Form Wave and surrounded by Sacred Geometry;

- a pyramid dedicated to channeling Tachyons into the room.


Chambres à tachyons 25 Rue Gilbert RansonLa Chevalerie17480, Le Château-d'OléronFrance



Disability access
Not accessible in a wheelchair
Payment method
Bank/credit card
Credit transfer
Thérapie alternative
Care practice


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