Découverte de l'estran : Coquillages et crustacés

Accompanied by a coastline specialist, the CPIE Marennes-Oléron will help you discover the foreshore. An area discovered by the sea every day, the foreshore is full of surprises and will awaken your senses, from sight to touch to taste.
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Accompanied by a specialist, you'll visit the foreshore at low tide, an area that is uncovered every day and where you can observe some rather original life forms: shrimps, crabs, starfish, anemones, marine worms, seaweed, various shellfish... You'll learn how to look for them, recognize them and understand how they live.

You might even be able to taste a bit of seaweed, an oyster or something else...

The aim is not to harvest shellfish, but you'll be able to ask questions about fishing on foot, as the CPIE Marennes-Oléron has been studying and accompanying this leisure activity for almost twenty years on Oléron: regulations, good practices and even favorable seasons will no longer hold any secrets for you!

The activity lasts around two and a half hours, and takes place outdoors (no toilets, no shelter) and on the foreshore.

You'll need to equip yourself according to the weather (rain/sun), and have shoes that can go in the water (boots, or shoes that can be rinsed off). Don't go barefoot on rocks, oyster shells or sea urchins...

Reservations at tourist offices on the Ile d'Oléron and in the Marennes basin.


Découverte de l'estran : Coquillages et crustacés Phare de ChassironMaison de la Pointe17650, Saint-Denis-d'OléronFrance



Payment method
Bank/credit card
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Contactless payment
Minimum age
6 years
Nature and relaxation
Guided tour


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