Concert "En cavale" Tram des Balkans et Mélissa Zantmann

Hosted as a creative residency in 2022 by the Service Culturel & Communication, the "En cavale" concert by Tram des Balkans and Mélissa Zantman promises to be unforgettable!
En cavale Tram des Balkans
En cavale Tram des Balkans
En cavale Tram des Balkans
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Open the 16/11/2023 as of 20:30 to 22:00


EN CAVALE is a vagabond project: the story of an ephemeral encounter that couldn't stay that way. 6 musician-singers who came together to create an original repertoire of world songs and original compositions, and who didn't want to leave each other. In this cavalesque repertoire, the voices mingle in a torrent of travelled languages: Bulgarian, Finnish, Italian, Georgian, Hungarian, Hebrew... Mélissa, a mischievous and radiant singer, offers TRAM a new listening experience and in-depth vocal work, combining power and finesse. Some of the harmonic curves are quite tight, so TRAM buckles up and goes for it, retaining its uninhibited energy and creating a joyful, organic complicity. The concert time shared with the audience is of incredible intensity!

The original sound of instruments such as the cistre (a kind of 10-string guitar), the kaval (a typical Balkan flute) and the Jew's harp, naturally complements the violin, accordions, clarinet, double bass and percussion.

The polyphonies carried by the 6 voices open up the harmonic panel of the troupe, in the joy and emotion, always, of singing together.

And since such an epic is bound to leave its mark, the album En cavale will be released in autumn 2023!

So let's get going, the ride is just beginning.


Concert "En cavale" Tram des Balkans et Mélissa Zantmann Salle de spectacles de l'Arsenal à la CitadelleAvenue de la Citadelle17480, Le Château-d'Oléron



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From 16/11/2023 to 16/11/2023
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