Fishing from the shore

Fishing from the shore is open to all but there are nevertheless rules to observe that everyone needs to know. The full documentation may be consulted and the IODDE association gives practical advice so as to preserve the foreshore.

A maximum of 5kg per person is permitted and fishing is not permitted at night. The minimum sizes (legal mesh) are as follows:

2.5 cm for donaces,
3 cm for cockles,
4 cm for clams, scallops, mussels,
10 cm for razor clams,
6,5 cm (length) for swimming crabs,
12 cm for spider crabs (6 maximum),
13 cm (width) for crabs.

For other species found on Oléron, there is no mesh limit for green crabs, rock crabs, marbled crabs, winkles, limpets… Remember that it is pointless to fish for creatures that are too young.

It is forbidden to fish in the nature reserve, between the Boyardville and Château d’Oléron channels and less than 25m from oyster-parks, inshore mussel farms and locks.

Good ideas for the fisherman: avoid fishing in ports, replace stones, do not plough up the sand and mud, do not squash the honeycomb worms, do not take creatures that are female, too young or non-consumable.

Each living creature has its place on the foreshore. Enjoy nature but limit your impact on the future… 

Useful documents on fishing may be obtained from tourism offices.

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