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Sylvain Breffy

Originaire du Limousin où j'ai suivi des études dans le tourisme et la valorisation du patrimoine, j'ai toujours été attiré par le littoral charentais où j'ai passé la plupart...
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Fishing and Oléron : a match made in heaven.. Boat fishing of course as well as angling and fishing from the shore. As pointed out by the members of Antioche Fishing Club in Saint-Denis-d'Oléron, this island is blessed: "We are fortunate to live here, this place abounds with underwater life, so we should make the most of it !".

A large number of possibilities are on offer for those who wish to go out fishing offshore. Fishing with live baits will give the best results. Here is a tip : tube-worms make excellent bait for royal bream.. Around Antioche and Phare de Chassiron lure anglers should get lucky. Don't forget to respect the guidelines with regards to legal size and please limit your catches to your personal use, also, please return your fish unless you have an immediate use for them.

The beaches of Saint-Trojan-les-Bains and Vert-Bois are both great favourites with anglers. Those wide sandy beaches are popular with local and visiting angler alike. If you like surf-casting these beaches are for you. The sandbanks and waves create shoals of sea bass, maigre and sole. Most anglers prefer to use the following baits : seaworm, squid and shrimp. If you are fishing with a float rig your best bet is one of those locations: Chaucre Beach, Saint-Denis d'Oléron, La Côtinière.

Fishing from the shore is alo very popular here. But once again, be aware of regulations. Local law prohibits this activity in oyster parks and locks. On rocky beaches are all kinds of seashells. Shrimps, clams, winkles live in water holes while crabs tend to hide under stones. You might also find mussels and oysters but their taste differ from the ones you would purchase. On the beaches in Saint-Trojan-les-Bains and Boyardville you might find various seashells such as: carpet-shell clams, cockles, razorshells. Shrimps and small fish are usually caught using a small net.

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