Sailing and Fishing

Surrounding Oléron Island and bordering Marennes, the Ocean here is a vast playground inviting you to have a fantastic time and make endless discoveries.

A large number of sailing clubs offer instrutions at beginner and advanced levels. For those who wish to sail on the Atlantic, there are many options : catamarans, classic or modern sailing boats, cruise ships...

If you wish to, you can rent a boat. You can enjoy the freedom of going out sailing by yourself. The east coast has the most favourable conditions for first timers. Those already familiar with sailing will find the Marennes basin and the other side of Oléron more challenging. Oléron has 3 harbours (Le Douhet, Boyardville, Saint-Denis d'Oléron) and a number of picturesque moorings.
You can also opt for a short cruise. Get on board and gaze out to authentic coastal views and places of historical interest such as Fort Boyard.

During the holiday season ferry companies operate a daily service. Let the boat take you on a nice trip…

Oléron's coast line is host to a diverse range of marine life therefore boat fishing, angling, beachcombing are all excellent here specially on the west coast. Several companies organize boat fishing trips. Diving is a wonderfull way to explore underwater life and Oléron can fulfill your diving needs. There is also jet-ski, an exciting way to go offshore.


bateau peche cotinière oleron marennes
Fishing and Oléron : a match made in heaven.. Boat fishing of course as well as angling and fishing frome the shore. As pointed out by the members of Antioche Fishing Club in Saint-Denis-d'Oléron, this island is blessed: "We are fortunate to live here, this place abounds with underwater life, so we should make the most of it !". A large number of possibilities are on offer for those who wish to go out fishing offshore. Fishing with live baits will give the best results. Here is a tip : tube-worms make excellent bait for royal bream.. Around Antioche and Phare de Chassiron lure anglers should get lucky. Don't forget to respect the guidelines with regards to legal size and please limit your catches to your personal use, also, please return your fish unless you have an immediate use for them.
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Fishing from the shore

fishing from shore oleron marennes
Fishing from the shore is open to all but there are nevertheless rules to observe that everyone needs to know. The full documentation may be consulted and the IODDE association gives practical advice so as to preserve the foreshore.
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sailing oleron marennes
The Ile d’Oléron and Marennes basin are ideal for sailing, having both eastern and western coasts to enjoy. The possibilities for sailing are numerous, whatever your level and whatever the weather conditions.
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