Waves, wind, huge sandy beaches…all the ingredients necessary for making Oléron the home of board-sports.  The Atlantic coast has a great diversity of “spots”, for surfing, stand-up paddle, body-boarding and windsurfing.

Waves are different when the beach is of sand or rock.  Besides, with the effect of the tides, conditions can evolve very rapidly allowing everyone to live life to the full and without fear.  Year-round, surfers and kite-surfers can enjoy their passion on Oléron.

The long sandy beaches in the south of the island are ideal for sand-yachting.  Being virtually flat and with a regularly present wind, they are sites of reference for the enthusiast.

Canoeing is an original and varied alternative activity, more physical at sea than in the bucolic channels and marshes that play such an important part in the life of Marennes-Oléron.

A reminder: the seawater is of the highest quality and the Ile d’Oléron has many Blue Flags for its clean beaches in a carefully preserved environment.  Here you can enjoy to the maximum the water and board sports of your choice!

Surf and Windsurf

surf windsurf oleron marennes
Amateurs de sensations fortes, débutants ou pratiquants occasionnels, l’île d’Oléron répondra à toutes vos...
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blokarting oleron marennes
Blessed with ideal weather conditions, those immense smooth sandy beaches are considered to be among the best blokarting sites in France. The great thing is, blokarting is one of the most accessible of all sports. Indeed, by the end of your first lesson you will have already gained a good grasp of blokart. The speed limit is 60km/h but during competitions the karts speed reaches up to 100km/h 
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canoeing marennes oleron
Marennes-Oléron, between sea and marshland, is ideal for canoeing, being one of the best ways to feel at one with a rich, protected nature.
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