The nature conservation centres

Oléron Island has two nature conservation centres. These protected natural sites are open all year round and offer tours. Raising awareness towards nature and tradition is the main goal for the nature conservation centres.
Open since 1983, Le Marais aux Oiseaux in Dolus aims to develop public awareness towards the local flora. It is home to 500 animals of 60 different species. This 74 acre site has a park where you can see both wild and domestic animals. There is also a rescue centre which cares for wild birds.

The discovery tour at the Marais des Oiseaux is one for the kids as they will get a chance to come close to various animals such as: goats, donkeys, sheeps..
Further up a path will lead you to a natural space where you can watch wild species : ducks, herons, egrets. And there is an observatory offering a full panoramic view of the site. This is an ideal place to contemplate wild birds from.

Situated at Grand-Village, Le Port des Salines is a centre for discovering the salt-marshes.  A traditional village has been built where you can find local producers and craftsmen, a salt-loft, a port from which you can enjoy boat trips and of course the salt-marshes themselves.  An eco-museum and a trail will enable the visitor to learn about the magic of the “white gold”. 

The salt pan is at once a masterpiece and an elaborated organisation which closely controls the water levels and flow and the many basins evaporation

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