The forests

Oléron Island's national forest is formed by three expanses. They are situated in the Saint-Trojan-les-Bains and Saint-Georges d'Oléron districts (Saumonards, Domino, Sables-Vigners). There are over 7000 acres of state forest, 1700 acres of which are dunes.

The national forest dates back to the start of the 19th century. Its original purpose was to provide shelter for habitation. Oleron's woodland has abounds of wildlife and is composed of maritime pines and green oaks. It is protected by the current regulations "Natura 2000" and "Espace Naturel".

The Office Nationale des Forêts manages this state forest. In Oléron, three of its agents oversee this site. They are in charge with planting trees, maintaining the forest and to supervise wood cutting .

This forest produces around 3000 cubic metres of wood each year. These days, with heritage in mind, the national office's approach to the forest is one which favours organic methods.

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