The fauna and the flora

Marennes-Oléron's fauna is essentially composed of birds and mammals. 250 bird species and 30 different mammals have been listed here.

These species can easily be seen all over the region. However some places appear as being clear favourites such as Saint-Trojan-les-Bains forest where you can catch a glimpse of some birds of prey and various sparrows such as the Common Buzzard, the Eurasian Jay or the Common Chaffinch. Following the waymarked paths will lead you through the forest. If you wish to observe red foxes, roe deers and wild boars, you will have a better chance to do so during the early hours of the day or at sunset.

And if you follow the coastline through the Moëze natural reserve, between Le Château d'Oléron and Boyardville, you will discover various small stilt birds like the Eurasian Curlew or the Brent Goose.

Just up the cycle tracks, the marshes situated on the edge of the forêt des Saumonards offer the chance to see a vast array of bird species. You will be impressed to see Grey Herons, Black-winged Stilts, Northern Lapwings and also Commons Kingfishers. If you want to see White Storks then head to the marshes in Brouage, White Storks favourite "holiday destination".

The local flora is also prolific and diverse with 140 species in Marennes-Oléron. Flowers can be found on sand dunes and humid areas.

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