Other specialities

The "Marennes-Oléron products and flavours association" was born recently to promote homegrown products. The association and its 20 members take part in a multitude of events and include vegetable and oyster farmers, wine and salt producers... These events are wonderful opportunities to taste Marennes-Oléron's many delights. 

Made in a traditional brewery between Saint-Gilles and Chéray, "La bière des naufrageurs" is a preservative and colouring-free beer. Since 1995 this brewery has been making 18 kinds of beer ( lager, special lager, light and dark ales, stout and flavoured beers ). Like the northern and Belgian beers, these hight quality beverages have a great fermentation process. "La bière des Naufrageurs" has received three gold medals at the national beer contests of 2000, 2006 and 2009.*

Sea-salt production is age-old in Marennes-Oléron. In the Middle-Ages, Brouage was a leading salt trading site. Nowadays, the profession of saunier (salt producer) is scarcely represented. There are two sauniers in Oléron and one salt specialist in Brouage.

*Alcohol can be dangerous to your health so consume with moderation. 

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