Mussel farming

Mussel farming is thriving in Marennes-Oléron with 30 farms in the area. Around 1200 tons are produced each year. La moule de bouchot (pilings planted at sea) is the most widespread kind of mussel in Marennes-Oléron.

Here, mussels grow in the sea according to an intertidal technique. They grow on a rope which is tied in a spiral on the pilings. This method allows offshore mussel production.

Mussel farmers use specific flat deck boats. The boats are equipped with cranes to facilitate work on the bouchots.

Since 2005, Marennes-Oléron's moule de bouchot bears a certification as a guarantee of its quality, reaching the highest category of hygiene standards. This trade classification means that A-category mussels can be sold directly to the public. Furthermore, Marennes-Oléron's mussels unlike a number of other mussels don't need to go through a cleaning process, which speaks volumes as regards to their quality.

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